Saturday, January 15, 2005

George Bush is gearing up to reactivate his campaign machine for the sole purpose of pushing his Social Security privatization plan, a plan so critical to our nation's future, so vital to our society's well-being, that it cannot be revealed to anyone. And yet the president faces obstacles: the usual doubters and skeptics have appeared as if on cue, demanding petty, legalistic details such as what the plan is, how many trillions it will cost, and whose retirement it will bankrupt.

What these doubting Thomases fail to understand - and in fact, will never understand - is that privatization cannot be explained: it must be experienced, and that experience is not some cold, soulless experience of "hard evidence," but of something deeper: an experience of faith.

Such is the power and mystery of Bush's plan that it can only work for those individuals who personally believe in it, for those whose trust in privatization establishes a personal relationship with it. For by stock portfolios are ye saved, through faith alone, not through sound policy, lest any economic adviser should boast.

The Medium Lobster would not expect the doubters to understand. They worship at a false altar of rationalism, reducing presidential agendas from sacred mysteries to mundane and testable hypotheses. They require actual information about a multi-trillion-dollar social program before they're willing to put their trust in it - and that is why they fail.

The vast gulf between the world of Bush and the world of man cannot be bridged by science; it can only be bridged by faith - faith in George Bush and his plan, without which there is no entry into the Ownership Society. Have you accepted privatization as your personal lord and savior? Are you willing to make that commitment today?
posted by the Medium Lobster at 1:24 PM



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