Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The argument gets outta hand and honor is besmirched!

"Honor is besmirched!" says Giblets throwin down the gauntlet. "Giblets demands satisfaction! Upon the morrow, pistols and rapiers, swords and fisticuffs!"
"Very well sir!" says me throwin down the other gauntlet. "I shall see you at dawn! Bring your second!"
"Giblets shall see your second and raise you a third!" says Giblets. "And a fourth as well! Giblets is far too mighty and illustrious to do honorable battle with mere thirds!"
"Well I'm not gonna even bother with a third an a fourth!" says me. "I'm gonna skip right to my fifth, sixth, an seventh, so there!"
"Foolsies!" says Giblets. "You can’t have nonsequential seconds! I call foolsies!"
"Those foolsies were unwarranted!" says me. "They have further besmirched honor an for that I'm demandin an eighth an a ninth, too!"
"Fine!" says Giblets. "Giblets will meet your ninth with a fifteenth, a sixteenth, a seventeenth, and a battalion of goblins and wargs!"
"An I'll see your battalion with my platoon of Martians an were-hippos!" says me.
"Well alright then!" says Giblets.
"Well fine!" says me.

Next day we both oversleep an miss the start a the duel. Everybody's outside duelin without us.

"Man wouldya look at that," says me.
"Pretty violent," says Giblets.
"Yeah I'd hate to be out there," says me. "Nice wargs though."
"Thanks," says Giblets. “Those were-hippos are pretty cool too."

We spend the rest a the day drinkin cocoa an watchin cartoons.


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