Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Giblets sits atop his war-elephant waiting to sweep down upon Rome! Soon it will lie in rubble and be added to Giblets’s treasure trove of conquered lands and all will hail the magnificent resplendence of the wonder of Giblets!

Giblets gives the attack command to his elephant! “Elephant!” says Giblets. “Seize Rome for Giblets! Seize Rome for Giblets NOW!” The elephant makes squeaky elephant noises. Excellent elephant! When Giblets seizes Rome he will give you something special like a Colosseum or a Pope!

Giblets’s elephant remains motionless. Insolent elephant! What is wrong with you!

“Well he’s a hamster,” says Fafnir. “He’s probably not used to bein an elephant.”
“Don’t make excuses for the elephant!” says Giblets. “He is an even bigger disappointment than the monkey!”
“Squeak,” says the hamsterphant.
“What kind of Rome is this anyway!” says Giblets. “It doesn’t even have a Pantheon!”
“I didn’t know how to get to Rome so we’re in the spaghetti aisle instead,” says Fafnir. “We can get some spaghetti an pretend it’s Rome!”
“But! Ghahe! But it’s!” says Giblets. “But that’s lame!”
“Can you move please?” says some lady with a shopping cart. “You’re blocking the way.”
“Sorry ma’am,” says Fafnir.

Giblets is dissatisfied.


posted by Giblets at 8:58 PM



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