Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"We will attack from behind," says Giblets. "It will never see us coming."
"I don't think it can see anythin comin Giblets," says me. "It's a shoe."
"A shoe of mass destruction!" says Giblets. "It harbors bears - fearsome bears that would eat Fafnir and Giblets!"
"I dunno if a bear can fit under that shoe Giblets," says me. "An besides I checked for bears an all I saw was a buncha ants in an anthill."
"These bears are treacherouser than the average bear!" says Giblets. "They hid from you when you looked. Your powers of bear-inspection are no match for them!"
"Well, it is a pretty big shoe," says me. "But what about the ants? What if they're bitey ants an they bite us?"
"The ants will greet us as liberators!" says Giblets. "For liberating them from the bears! Bears and ants are mortal enemies!"
"Well why are the ants livin with the bears?" says me.
"Why do you keep asking these questions, you are providing aid and comfort to the bears!" says Giblets.
"Okay, we will take the shoe from behind on the count of three," says me.
"One, two, THREE!" says Giblets. "AAAAAAA, ANTS! And they're all bitey!"
"Run away!" says me an we do.
So we get all patched up an ointmented by Chris an Giblets starts talkin about the mailbox.
"We could take it easy," says Giblets. "Before the bears have time to regroup."
"Wait," says me. "The mailbox seems pretty small. Are you sure bears could fit inside?"
"Course they can," says Giblets. "Probably the very same bears that somehow escaped from the shoe!"
"Cause all I see is a buncha bees," says me.
"If need be Giblets will do it himself with just a coupla strategic baseball bat whacks," says Giblets. "I got word from bee exiles confirming everything."
"I dunno Giblets," says me. "I have strange irrational reservations."
"Hey, who's the bear expert here?" says Giblets.
"Okay," says me. "Let's give it a shot."
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