Monday, November 29, 2004

16. Elections are scheduled for Iraq in January, but the security situation is steadily worsening. A coalition of Sunni and secular groups has asked to postpone elections until the security situation can be resolved. Shiite parties, who are overwhelmingly expected to win control of the new government in these elections, insist that elections be held on time.

What do you do?

If you'd like to go ahead with elections, turn to Page 32.
If you'd like to delay elections, turn to Page 34.
"Why I think I'll hold elections now," says me turnin to page 32.
32. Sunnis hold a mass boycott of the election, ensuring that a vast Shiite majority sweeps into office with no Sunni representation. The Sunni minority declares the election, and the new government, illegitimate. Sunni guerilla groups intensify their attacks on both US and Shiite institutions throughout the country in the first stage of a full-blown civil war.

"Aw man," says me. "This endin sucks."
"Go back an do the other one," says Giblets.
"Isn't that cheatin?" says me.
"Eh," says Giblets. "The book's too dumb to stop you."
"Alright," says me. "I'm gonna delay elections then."
34. Shiites are enraged at your decision to delay elections and decry it as the ever-tightening hand of an occupying power. Shiite violence erupts, unleashing a reciprocal torrent of Sunni guerilla attacks and increasing anti-American violence, ultimately leading to full-blown civil war.

"This book is stupid!" says me. "Why do we have it anyway?"
"Looked like it'd be a quick read," says Giblets.
"Well I wanna read somethin else," says me. "Somethin light an easy to get through."
"Try Gravity's Rainbow," says Giblets. "Giblets hears it's about rainbows!"
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