Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Giblets is sittin in the pumpkin patch waitin for Osama bin Laden. Sigh. He does this every year.

"Giblets you will catch cold," says me. "Osama isn't comin this year."
"Yes he will yes he will!" says Giblets. "Every election Osama bin Laden flies around the world to visit the least sincere pumpkin patch and its political campaign and he'll visit Giblets's this time!"
"Giblets you also said he'd come in 2000 with pictures of George Bush's secret gay lover and in 1992 with Bill Clinton's illegitimate baby," says me.
"This time he really will come," says Giblets. "This time Giblets has the least sincere pumpkin patch ever! It puts politics ahead of national security even while claiming to be a national security pumpkin patch! It even fights the Iraq War by the election schedule! Osama has to come, he just has to!"
"I think you're bein very silly," says me. "An I'm gonna go inside an get some cocoa."
"Giblets is gonna wait all election night if he has to!" says Giblets. "You'll come, Osama bin Laden! You just have to!"
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