Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Let the debating begin! I am in regular talk! Giblets is in italics talk! The posting of these comments were delayed by alcohol and internet outages!

Well, halfway through Dick Cheney's first answer this drinking game already has Giblets hammered.

Dick Cheney has not suggested there's a connection between Iraq and 9/11. He has implied it, insinuated it, hinted it, and intimated it, but he has not suggested it.

Wait! Now he just said it. But not suggested it Fafnir. Only said it.

And there is that tricky global test! If America has to pass a global test then it must mean that everyone in the entire world would get to decide American foreign policy cause what else could a "global test" mean!

I like the part about the human drive for freedom in Afghanistan. Dick Cheney believes in the power of the heart to triumph over adversity.

Yeah, I hear Dick Cheney's a big Care Bears fan.

I think Dick Cheney made a smart point right now. Ysee American casualties only count for 90% of the casualties if you don't count all the Iraqis wo've gotten killed. See Dick Cheney points out just how many Iraqis have gotten killed since we invaded. A very good point Dick Cheney!

And a compassionate one. Now Dick Cheney is goin on about "Well I think it's pretty rotten of you to not count the Iraqis, our greatest allies blah blah blah." Because Dick Cheney is a very kind-hearted man who feels the pain of everyone, no matter how small.

That's why he spends his weekends in the Peace Corps, Giblets!

I like the touchin story Cheney's tellin right now about the giant insurance company from the little swing state that got caught in a bear trap and woulda bled profits to death if it wasnt for real big tax cuts.

I like John Edwards's persistent attempts to adopt Dick Cheney's gay daughter.

"You probably weren't there to vote for that." Ooo, snap! Tell it, girlfriend!

Yknow it is a shame just how much time John Kerry an John Edwards missed while they were campaignin. Why it is almost as bad as bein on vacation for a third of your presidency!

What qualifies John Edwards to be a heartbeat away? Answer: his sexy body. His sexy, sexy body.

I think it was effective how he stripped down to his thong to prove that point Giblets.

Very true Fafnir. Although less effective for Dick Cheney.

Yes he lost some points on "gravitas" when the speedo came out.

I didn't know that Dick Cheney grew up in a humble mill town just like John Edwards.

It's true. They grew up in the same mill town in fact an were once the best of childhood friends until a laboratory accident wiped out all of Cheney's hair and made him use his powers for evil instead of for good.

Dick Cheney points out that you are either with the drug companies or with the terrorists. A powerful line Giblets.

And it holds true Fafnir. 9/11 changed everything. About the drug companies.

John Edwards closes with a heartwarming tale of overcoming adversity to rise above your working class origins, an Dick Cheney closes with the warning that the world will come to a fiery end at the hands of Islamist lava beasts if George Bush is not re-elected.

There is a clear an obvious winner here Fafnir. And it is Gwen Ifill.

I think you're right Giblets. She looks smart in that suit.

Join us next time for the next Bush-Kerry debate which will take place in an innovative underground dogfight format! Kerry's German shepherd has the height an weight advantage but Bush's Scottie has resolve an determination! Who will win?
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