Wednesday, October 27, 2004

"Hey Giblets," says me. "Where'd we get all the high explosives in the basement?"
"What, you mean the high explosives by the washer an dryer?" says Giblets puttin some explosives in his soup.
"No, the high explosives by the sump pump," says me stirrin some explosives into my cocoa.
"Got em at the store," says Giblets dunkin some explosives into the explosive dip. "The high explosives store."
"Did you go to Explosives-R-Us or Explodeytown?" says me.
"Nah, I just went to Wal-Mart," says Giblets blowin up the TV. "This is stuff you can buy anywhere. Although they had a great deal at Kid Kablooie - 380 tons of explosives for the price of 300 tons of explosives."
"That's a good deal on explosives!" says me blowin up the couch. "But Kid Kablooie is more of a kids store."
"Yeah," says Giblets chuckin some explosives at the cat. "You can only get kids explosives there."
"I hear John Kerry claims to have eaten all the marshmallow charms that come in Lucky Charms cereal," says me. "But in fact he has only eaten pink hearts, blue stars an purple horseshoes."
"Disgraceful," says Giblets. "Will his lies never end?"

And then Explodey the friendly explosive showed up an we had a party!
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