Monday, October 4, 2004

Stupid old pope! He's sainting stupid ol' dead people left and right and there is still no sainthood for Giblets, saintliest of all known earthly beings? Behold Giblets! He is positively resplendent with goodness! Mother Theresa was a filthy whore! Gandhi was a rat bastard! The Dali Lama runs a sweatshop filled with babies where he forces the babies to make baby-eating utensils for rich cannibal babies which he then uses to eat his own babies!

But Giblets is good and kind and does not hate children! All the time! And he has already performed like six miracles many of which involve healing or blowing up monsters which were about to eat virgins! Now how much cooler a saint can you get than that? Answer you cannot so saint me Giblets saint me now now now!

The Pope of course is just rubbing it in now by beatifying Karl I of Austira-Hungary and Anne Catherine Emmerich. So what's the big deal, Pope? Has Giblets not gassed enough Frenchmen or had enough crazy anti-semitic Passion-based hallucinations? "In spiritus lepus," says the Pope. "Corpus pluribus domini." Stupid Pope with your stupid Pope-talk! Why can't you speak normal-talk!

"You don't wanna mess with the Pope Giblets," says Fafnir. "He might try to shoot you with his deadly Pope beam."
"Nuts to his Pope beam!" says Giblets. "At this rate by the time Giblets get sainted all the good saint-spots will be full! Giblets will be way in the back of heaven with Saint Anslo, Patron Saint of Smelling!"

Man, it's like you've got to wait forever on one of these things! Stupid old Pope!


posted by Giblets at 9:44 PM



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