Thursday, September 9, 2004

Wow! Me an Giblets just busted outta Guantanamo Bay (where I tried to blog yesterday but couldnt - there is no wifi in Gitmo who knew!) by chewin through the gingerbread walls (the better to lure unsuspectin young terrorists inside! When Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld saw we were leavin he chased after us in his dress an his big warty nose but we pushed im into a pot where he melted away) an jumpin into our Confederate Flag-decorated orange Chrysler where we took off! Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge took after us in his beat-up ol cop car but it could not jump the river at Old McKinney's Bridge an he an his deputy Gordon England crashed into the muddy riverbank. "I'll get those Fafblog boys, consarnit!" ol Ridge said while a couple a pigs made funny snortin noises.
posted by fafnir at 10:44 AM



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