Tuesday, September 14, 2004

At last, the Medium Lobster has found a leader willing to do what it takes to win the global war on terrorism - and that leader is Vladimir Putin.

Putin's latest anti-terror measures include the elimination of free elections for both regional governors and the Duma, the lower house of Russia's legislative body. With governors now directly appointed by the president and candidates for the legislature selected from party rolls, Putin has wisely and efficiently curtailed democracy in Russia - thus eliminating a potent weapon that remains at terrorists' disposal within the United States.

Putin has clearly seen the threat that Chechen terrorists would pose to his nation and its freedom should they stand for elected office and win. Indeed, there is no end to the terrorist budget appropriations that a Terrorist Party legislator could foist upon an unsuspecting public. But Vladimir Putin, with the insight and moral clarity so praised by George Bush, has pre-emptively cut off terrorist access to these weapons of mass election, and by so doing, has struck another blow for Freedom.

This is a lesson that other nations could certainly learn from - if they were bold enough. As the Medium Lobster has noted before, democracy in the United States is no friend of Freedom. Indeed, it is still quite conceivable that John Kerry could catalyze a new terrorist assault on Freedom itself by winning the presidential election and irresponsibly taking an effective, multilateral, asymmetrical approach to fighting a multilateral, asymmetrical threat. To make certain that George Bush's steadfast adherence to Cold War-style proxy wars as a tactic to fighting a decentralized, hydra-headed foe holds over the next four years, America may have to show the same strength and resolve Vladimir Putin has shown this week. Godspeed, President Putin, and may no basic tenets of liberty stand in your way.
posted by the Medium Lobster at 10:55 AM



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