Sunday, September 19, 2004

"I think we are lost in this desert," says me. "These cactuses are not our familiar cactuses burstin with color an vitamins."
"These cactuses are strange foreign cactuses," says Giblets, "which do not share our values an sense a moral decency."
"We shouldn't have taken the rickshaw," says me. "The rowboat has a much better navigational system."
"Nuts to your rowboat!" says Giblets. "Giblets is not satisfied unless he travels by way of a caravan of armored war-elephants, festooned with gold, rubies, and baklava!"
"See if we did that we'd just be lost in the desert with your elephants like last time," says me. "An they'd just be goin 'Giblets we need peanuts an water an hoops to leap through' an they would eat all the baklava."
"Lousy whiney elephants!" says Giblets. "Giblets cannot be lost! Giblets sets forth with purpose an clarity an bestrides the narrow world like a collosus an stuff! He does not get lost!"
"It's not so bad bein lost," says me. "Bein lost is like takin a vacation from knowin what you're doin."
"Giblets always knows what he's doin!" says Giblets. "He traverses the parkin lot with resolute determination! He conquers the supermarket!"
"An when you are lost you get to see all sortsa interestin things that are also lost," says me. "Like right here with this rock an this golf cart an this can a spam an Treasury Secretary John Snow."
"Hello," says Treasury Secretary John Snow. "Have you seen my tuba?"
"Nuts to your tuba!" says Giblets. "Giblets rejects his lostness! He believes we have reached the Feast of Kings an that they have welcomed us with bejeweled goblets."
"We are late for the Feast of Kings as it is," says me. "I think the Kings have left Denny's by now."
"Then Giblets rejects his lostness by rejecting his destination!" says Giblets. "The Kings will meet us here, an they will welcome us with bejeweled cactuses."
"There's a lost ice cream truck over there," says me. "I'm gonna get me some ice cream!"
"Nuts to your ice cream!" says Giblets. "I'm not gonna waste my time eatin rocket-pops when I could be entertained by Kings!"
"I'll get you a fudgcicle," says me.
"Greetings, Kings!" says Giblets. "Giblets raises this cactus to you in toast to Giblets!"
"I need peanuts," says the tuba.


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