Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Giblets is nervous! For everywhere around him there are Muslims. Strange and deadly Muslims who seek his fiery destruction!

Just yesterday Giblets was on the bus headin' towards the Stop & Shop when I noticed that right across the aisle from me were sittin' Muslims. And they were engaged in something of a contemplative nature, similar to prayer! Now why else would they pray - to their fiendish terrorist bomb god who is made of bombs - unless they were right about to spring into action with their spring-loaded action prayer plan to personally detonate a bomb inside Giblets? Truly these madmen will stop at nothing!

Fortunately with Giblets's kung-fu grip he was able to wrestle the Muslims to the ground and disarm them of their Korans and their presumably exploding kufis. But that was not the end of it! For even after the driver had pulled the bus over and alerted the proper authorities, Giblets faced even more Islamist treachery at the supermarket, where he found a can of Coke coverd in ominous, swirly-lookin' letters!

Islam - in Giblets's precious sugared beverage drinks?! It is unthinkable but true, for when Giblets flung the can of Islamist Coke across the store it to save himself and his countrymen it exploded upon impact with the wall! So shaken up was Giblets that security people had to escort him from the realm of foodery for Giblets's own safety.

What could be next? Where is all this Islam coming from? It is not like there are seven million Muslims in America or anything! Giblets is crouching behind the sofa with his torch and pitchfork waiting for any signs of dangerous religious otherness. If Mohammed Ali or Cat Stevens show up Giblets will be prepared.
posted by Giblets at 7:12 PM



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