Tuesday, September 14, 2004

There is a hurricane an we are eatin the corndogs. Chris does not seem to understand the connection so we try to spell it out a little clearer.

"See, Giblets applied as a candidate to eat your corndogs," says me.
"Your delicious tasty corndogs," says Giblets full a corndog. "They are all Giblets's now!"

Chris goes on about how they are his corndogs an this is ridiculous, Giblets can't just go an eat them, etc. Chris does not seem to understand procedural corndog matters much.

"Chris while we took into consideration your ruling on Giblets an your corndogs, we could not account for the hurricane," says me.
"Yes, Chris," says Giblets. "Some people are wrestling with the forces of nature right now."
"The hurricane which made us postpone the hearing where we would review the status of your corndogs," says me.

Chris is all flustery an goin on about what does a hurricane have to do with his corndogs. Chris is bein so unreasonable.

"Chris we respect the rule of corndog law regardin your corndogs," says me. "But while that process goes on we can't put ourselves in the position where the ministerial role of Giblets eatin your corndogs can't be fulfilled."
"An so here we are," says Giblets. "Giblets would offer you a corndog but we only have so many left Chris. An you have been so partisan with your keepin me from your corndogs with your dirty tricks."
"Can I have a corndog Giblets?" says me.
"Have a couple, Fafnir," says Giblets. "Giblets can't eat them all."
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