Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Medium Lobster has been heartened to see even more good news coming out of Iraq. To some, seventy-three dead and a hundred wounded in a single day of bombings and guerilla attacks would stand as a sign of a worsening quagmire confronting an administration whose policies on Iraq and terror seem at best incoherent and at worst markedly destructive. But to the enlightened, increasing terror in Iraq means that the administration's Iraq policy is finally working - by beginning to use up the world's supply of terrorists.

As Gregg Easterbrook has noted, the invasion of Iraq "is having the unintended consequence of drawing terrorists and killers to that country, where our army can fight them on our terms." Indeed, the world's finite supply of terrorists is now concentrated in one country where it can be disposed of with relative ease.

Islamic terrorists, as most experts recognize, are not ordinary, radicalized muslims which can be recruited from anywhere in the world. All terrorists, in fact, are sophisticated androids carefully assembled in al Qaeda robotics factories, overseen by diligent al Qaeda engineers. But production of a fully-trained terrorbot is expensive, and indeed, the al Qaeda budget has been pushed to the breaking point in an attempt to put out enough terrorbots to overrun Iraq. And it is there, fighting and destroying these terrorbots on their own terms, that the US military can defeat al Qaeda: by using up their supply of terrorists until the organization is too bankrupt to continue their construction.

The Medium Lobster urges courage, for the longer the US military remains bogged down in this desperate debacle, the safer America will be. After all, with all these terrorists in another country far away, it is inconceivable that there would be any left to strike at the United States.
posted by the Medium Lobster at 10:16 PM



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