Saturday, September 18, 2004

Giblets is triumphant! Or rather the right-wing loony edge of the blogosphere is triumphant, and Giblets is triumphant as its spokesleader-tyrant!

We have sorta-maybe-not-really debunked the notion that memos suggesting that lazy, survival-seeking slacker George Bush was a lazy slacker seeking to survive the Vietnam War are in fact preposterous forgeries! Victory for us! And we did it all by ourselves, without any puppetry or string-pulling from White House operatives at all! Long live the unbridled power of the lone internet blogger!

But it is not enough! Giblets has been wronged, and worse, his belief in a superhero president who shoots bullets out of his nipples at the Islamist hordes has been likewise wronged! And for that Giblets must demand bloody restitution!

Bring Giblets the head of Dan Rather, severed and lathered with stuffed apples and fine spices and scented with perfumes, upon a silver platter! Bring it to Giblets at once, mainstream media, or forever prove yourself to be the partisan lackeys of your radical leftist corporate paymasters! Giblets will not rest until he tastes the blood of the reporter who broke JFK's death and covered the '68 Chicago convention riots!

All of this has confirmed once again Giblets's belief that everything George Bush has screwed up in the last four years has just been the result of dark media manipulation. Giblets bets those one thousand dead American troops were forgeries, too!

Well, Giblets will not rest until malicious liars like Dan Rather are replaced by respectable, responsible journalists who treasure our country and national security! What's that delightful Robert Novak doing these days?
posted by Giblets at 10:38 AM



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