Wednesday, August 11, 2004

"Well seein as the house is on fire it is as good a time as any to address the scandal," says me.
"What scandal?" says Giblets. "Did they find Giblets’s online bong distribution center? Cause first of all those are for smokin tobacco an tobacco only. An second of all the feds will never take me alive with Ol Bessie!"
"Ol Bessie is in great disrepair," says me. "I do not think she can dispense repeating musket fire with the same fury she did back in the Russo-Japanese war."
"Oh she can and she will," says Giblets. "Ol Bessie took out whole platoons of Russo-Japanese at a time an she’s as strong as ever."
"As strong an as safe as the internet," says me, "where the scandal has broken."
"Internet shminternet,” says Giblets. "That medium is old news! Giblets is only interested in the lightning-fast response of his CB radio!"
"I am not sure if I like CB radio," says me. "Your newfound trucker friends seem coarse an disturbin."
"That’s cause you can’t handle their raw unfiltered perspective on today’s news an events," says Giblets. "Not like corporate big media bloggers like Moe Lane an that Respectful of Otters chick."
"I think it is their talkin bout martyr's blood drownin the Crusaders that bugs me," says me.
"Oh that's just trucker talk," says Giblets. "We call it 'chatter' on the 10-8. Hammer down, 'OBL'! Rabbit ears up ahead!"
"Speakin of rabbit ears we really should get around to addressin the scandal," says me.
"Do you think we could make a woman outta monkey parts an lightning?" says Giblets.
"I don't see why not long as you had enough monkey parts," says me. "But it'd be a pretty freaky woman."
"Giblets requires a mighty woman to assist him with ruling Gibletsia!" says Giblets. "A woman with the strength of ten monkeys!"
"Alright then!" says me. "We'd better get started. I think I saw a coupon for monkey parts in the pennysaver this mornin."
"To the monkey-yard post-haste then!" says Giblets.
"Before we head off should we leave a note for Chris about the house bein on fire?" says me.
"Nah I'm sure he'll figure it out," says Giblets.
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