Wednesday, August 11, 2004

the horrorIt is fearsome. It is foul. It is the creation of a madman made in defiance of all the laws of nature and pies. Women and children run screamin from it in terror. Men spit at it in hatred. Can we come to understand it? Can we move past our horror an revulsion to truly know the okra tofu pie?

It did not ask for this strange unnatural life, okra an tofu spliced together in the kitchen of mad science an brought to a bake in a freak lightnin storm. It still has the simple urgings of any pie - to love an to be loved, to be sliced an eaten with as much enjoyment an as little indigestion as possible. But the simple life is not so simple for a monster pie.

It wanders the lonely backroads away from civilization ashamed to show itself for fear of the townspeople who chase it with pitchforks an torches. Why can't they just accept it for what it is? Yes it tastes horrible an smells like radishes dipped in shoe wax. But can't we judge a pie on the content of its heart not on the taste of its filling?

A little girl will come across the pie - a kind an innocent little girl who will love the pie unconditionally. Perhaps whe has never seen a pie before. Perhaps she has a chemically-damaged sense of taste. Whatever the reason she accepts this pie and welcomes it and takes a bites an the pie cries a little pie tear of happiness an the little girl has a terrible allergic reaction to soy an falls into the river an is swept away to be eaten by giant bugs an the pie is sad an angry an the townspeople come with pitchforks an torches just like they always do. In a better world there is a place for you, okra tofu pie. In a better world.


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