Saturday, August 14, 2004

Yknow a couple months or so ago DairyQueen's new coffee-esque dessert beverage drink "The MooLatte" was greeted by scorn an anger an such from various people who condemned it as racist an insensitive. But how many big important commentators have noted its deliciousness? Nobody until Fafblog that's who. But brave Fafblog journalists have gone where no one else has to review America's most ashamed dessert.

We picked up a MooLatte™ - mocha flavor! - an our expectations were pleasantly met. What the MooLatte™ deslivers is the unique giant sloshin-together of ice cream an stuff that is sorta-like-ice-cream-but-possibly-not ice cream in one cool-whippy package. When you are eatin it you are thinkin, "Am I eatin a Blizzard™? Or a Mudslide™? Or possibly a sorta-melted sundae? No wait here on the plastic cup it explains I am eatin a MooLatte™!" an you are overcome with brand-name deliciousness. Racial deliciousness.

Fafblog is proud to give the the MooLatte™ two racially delicious thumbs up, an looks forward to the day when all ethnically-dubious desserts are judged by the tastiness of their character an not by the way they seem to judge the color of people's skin. We can only hope this comes in time to exonerate such fallen treats as the Jewlato, the Hispana Split, and the Wopsicle.
posted by fafnir at 11:30 AM



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