Thursday, August 12, 2004

Well it is time for the ultimate summer sequel to end all summer sequels! Sort of! It is the return of FAFBLOG INTERVIEW WEEK: the only interview week that appears on Fafblog! Yes it is time for another sorta-week of hard-hittin interviews with with world figures on matters of weighty import! Only this time it FAFBLOG INTERVIEW WEEK 2! Twice the hard-hittinness! Twice the weight of import! When we interview Tim Russert he will be twice as fat! When we interview Dick Cheney he will be twice as bloated with the blood of innocents!* It will be almost up to the spectacular journalistic standards of say Special Report with Brit Hume!

We wanted to prepare a flashy graphical introduction for this bt our graphics man was dumb an lazy and didnt finish in time. Boo graphics man! Please pretend the flashy graphical introduction an theme music are there.

*just a joke, Dick Cheney does not consume the blood of innocents. he mostly runs off a combination of crude oil an mushed-up baby seals.
posted by fafnir at 12:34 PM



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