Thursday, August 19, 2004

1. There will be cheering for Giblets during Giblets's posts.
2. No one wearing t-shirts for anti-Giblets personae, such as Mutton or Stelbig, will be permitted.
3. No one wearing t-shirts for non-Giblets personae, such as Fafnir or the seminal proto-punk band Velvet Underground, will be permitted.
4. When Giblets addresses hostile-to-Giblets demographics such as women or old people or the Pope or unions or smelly people or humans, they are to sit quietly in the back while pro-Giblets people crowd in front of them and cheer for Giblets.
5. When you first enter the post a Giblets supporter will ask you, "Do you support Giblets? If not why don't you support Giblets? Support Giblets! Support Giblets now!" Then they will yell at you and hit you with small hammers and fish until you relent.
6. You may now cheer for Giblets.
7. Cheer for him NOW.
posted by Giblets at 8:37 AM



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