Sunday, August 22, 2004

It has been a bad crazy time at Fafblog over the past sumpin-sump hours but lately it has gotten badder an crazier as a number of our permalinks do not work right.

"Stupid permalinks!" says Giblets. "Stop bein stupid!"
"We must be patient with permalinks," says me. "They are the buildin blocks of blogs. They are the babies from which our full-grown internet posts spring. Hush, little permalink. Hush now."

Our blog it looks like has been messed-up bad by Blogger™ again. Not only is Blogger™ corruptin our blog-babies, it has stuck some stupid banner thing on top of Fafblog which cuts into the appealin Fafblog Seal of Quality. If you cannot accurately count the cows on the Fafblog Seal of Quality how do you know that Fafblog guarantees that Fafblog is of four-cow caliber?

I for one am gettin fed up with Blogger™ an if it does not shape up there will be discipline.

"Bad babies need discipline," says Giblets. "Stick em in a potato sack or a pickle jar for an hour or two an they straighten right out."
"Where are your children again?" says me.
"Their weird mothers wouldnt let me see em," says Giblets.
posted by fafnir at 10:57 AM



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