Monday, August 16, 2004

"Giblets you should have gone to see Harold an Kumar Go To White Castle," says me. "It heralds the return of modern epic quest narrative, but in stoner form."
"Giblets eschews stoner movies in the same way Giblets eschews stoners," says Giblets. "Stoners are always tryin to smoke Giblets in massive Giblets-sized bongs. Begone stoners! Leave Giblets alone!"
"It was the Citizen Kane of stoner movies," says me. "It touched on important ideas like the American dream an racial identity an boobs an stuff."
"I prefer movies that teach important life lessons such as Alien Versus Predator," says Giblets, "which taught me that when faced with an Alien and a Predator Giblets should side with the Predator."
"Yes because the enemy of my enemy is my friend," says me. "But is my friend the enemy of my enemy?"
"That's a good question," says Giblets. "Are you enemies with my enemies, like that guy Lou from the taco stand?"
"I dunno, I got no problem with Taco Stand Lou," says me. "Seems like a nice guy an he knows his tacos."
"Cause if you aren't then we can't be friends!" says Giblets.
"Okay Giblets okay," says me. "I will be enemies with Taco Stand Lou for you."
"Great!" says Giblets. "Let's throw im in a potato sack an beat im with sticks."
"I don't know if that is a good idea Giblets," says me. "I think it may alienate fellow taco stand dwellers for instance."
"What is more important, your alliance with Giblets or your access to tacos?" says Giblets. "You are either with Giblets or with the taco guy!"
"I know I have an idea!" says me. "Why don't we both get some tacos from the taco stand an call that a victory against our enemy Lou?"
"How about we invade the taco stand an raid its tacos, then throw Lou in a potato sack an beat im with sticks?" says Giblets. "Giblets likes that idea better."
"I think a solution which guarantees tacos an happiness an non-beatin with sticks is probably the one we are lookin for here," says me.
"Hmmm, I dunno," says Giblets. "Giblets feels that his need for stick-beatin is bein seriously overlooked."
"Well how many tacos would it take to make up for a lack of stick-beatin?" says me.
"No amount of tacos would be sufficient!" says Giblets. "Giblets demands both tacos an the destruction of his enemies! We act now now now!"
"Oh no mall security!" says me. "An they have sticks!"
"Run away!" says Giblets an we do.

So instead we bugged Mike at the hot dog place until he gave us some free hot dogs an we all went home happy.


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