Monday, June 28, 2004

Kieran Healy is a very helpful person. Yesterday he alerted us to astrosociology, which is like regular sociology but better because it is in outer space! Imagine the implications.

"Does astrosociology explain why the beautiful alien with the green hair and silver go-go boots will not let me teach her what love means?" says Giblets.
"Yes, as long as she is from outer space!" says me.
"If I am going to be building a school in outer space, could astrosociology help me with that outer space school?" says Giblets.
"Absolutely!" says me. "Outer space curriculum development is an important field in astrosociology."
"If I kill someone, is it justified because in killing someone I provide employment for the police who arrest me?" says Giblets.
"Astrosociology can't answer that question," says me. "But if you are throw an asteroid at the earth you might be justified because you provide employment for the asteroid-exploding nuclear missile launchers below."
"I am lookin' to give some outer space tax relief," says Giblets. "Will astrosociology be able to tell me whether I should try to stimulate outer space supply or outer space demand?"
"That is more astroeconomics than astrosocioeconomics," says me. "But sure, why not!"

There is a bold new world of study out there. A bold new world in space!
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