Thursday, June 3, 2004

"Gibleeeeets," Fafnir says to me this morning "I need you to take over the Faaaaaafblooooog."
"I will do it!" says me, Giblets. "It is mine! It is Giblets's! It is Giblog!"
"I must work on my one-thousand-chapter-long whaling epic, 'The Salt and the Crashing and the Salt: An Ode to the Sea,'" says Fafnir.
"It is mine!" says me, Giblets. "It is all mine! Every word and letter and syllable! Every hyperlink and punctuation mark! Every comment is Giblets's!"
"It is about whales and whaling and the sea," says Fafnir. "The first half is narrated by the whale. The second half is narrated by the sea. The third half is narrated by a Falknerian idiot man-child."
"Nothing will ever wrest it away from the mighty fist of Giblets!" says Giblets. "No power on earth or in heaven! No fire or scourge of the gods! All will be laid low by my Gibletsian blogocracy!"
"The character of the sea talks entirely in capitals," says Fafnir, "and in big 'WHOOSH' noises."
"Bow before Giblets, Fafblog!" says Giblets. "Bow before Giblets FOREVER!"
"WHOOSH," says Fafnir. "WHOOSH."
posted by Giblets at 11:46 AM



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