Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Some an Giblets were playin our newest favorite game "Grapefruits and Keyboards" when suddenly and for no particular reason the keyboard stopped working.

"Huh," says me. "You think grapefruits are bad for keyboards?"
"Impossible!" says Giblets. "Grapefruits are good for everyone! Think of the vitamin C."
"Very true," says me. "We should put more grapefruit on it an see if it gets any better."

So naturally we spent the next hour or so poundin grapefruits into the thing but it was funny! After a while the keyboard got even more broken and a loud regular beeping started comin out of the computer!

"Oh no!" says me. "It is a bomb, in our very own PC!"
"It is the terrorists!" says Giblets. "And you doubted the efficacy of the Terror Alert System!"
"I'm sorry Tom Ridge!" says me. "Take pity on this poor penitent Fafnir!"
"Run away!" says Giblets, and we do, into the Outside.

So there we are for most of Sunday and all of Monday, sittin Outside, waitin for Chris to get back an fix our keyboard and defuse the bomb.

"But who will Fafblog?" says me.
"Maybe the Medium Lobster can do it," says Giblets.
"The Medium Lobster is busy, at the symposium," says me. "At the symposium of higher beings."
"I wish we could goto the symposium of higher beings," says Giblets.
"But we cannot," says me, "because we are lesser beings." And we sigh.

Later we get hungry and order a pizza but when it comes we do not have enough money and can only afford the garlic stix.
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