Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Every day I go on the internet and read the news on all sorts of items of world import such as medicare and Glofish and military blimp development and Glofish rights and Iraq. And every day I see stories about Iraq bein unstable and I yell at Iraq, "Stupid Iraq! Be more stable!"

"It is like a willful child," says Giblets. "It will do just the opposite of what you say, until you stick it in a big bag and swing it around for a while."
"You are a bad bad parent," says me.
"I know," says Giblets. "Good thing I have no idea where my children are."

So after readin about how they blew up the head of the Iraqi Governing Council with a car bomb and how they shot up Ayatollah Sistani's house in Najaf today it is good to see that they have finally found the weapons of mass destruction.

"Well, weapon, singular," I says to Giblets. "Weapon of some destruction."
"It was a whole shell," says Giblets. "In the hands of Saddam Hussein he could have used that to easily conquer countries as vast as the Vatican's Order of the Knights of Malta."
"Yes, but now it has been exploded," says me. "Our military has protected us from the tyranny of rogue artillery."
"But the hunt for these WSDs must continue," says Giblets. "Saddam may have left vast cubbyholes of chemical, biological, and nuclear weaponlings all over Iraq."
"Very true," I says. "We must remain vigilant." In the meantime Fafblog raises a celebratory toast to the disarmament process.
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