Thursday, May 27, 2004

"Should we help Chris with packing?" I says.
"If we help Chris with Chris's packing then we interfere with the delicate balance of nature," says Giblets. "Like the lion and the wildebeest."
"Should we pack the wildebeest?" I says.
"We only have room for the wildebeest or the juicer," says Giblets. "The juicer is a modern convenience."
"But the wildebeest is beautiful, like a fine woman, or a painting of a tree," I says.
"The juicer is beautiful in its own way," says Giblets.
"It grazes in its fields," I says. "It frolics in its streams. It frolics."
"The lion pounces on the juicer," says Giblets.
"Its terrible claws sink deep," I says. "Oh no! The juicer screams for help!"
"Run, juicer, run!" says Giblets.
We scream for some time for Chris to pack the juicer before it is too late and the lion comes. Chris is irritable and confused.
"We have saved the juicer," I says.
"We have interfered with natural law," says Giblets.
"There will be consequences," I says.
"Tidal waves and ice ages and goats born with three heads," says Giblets.
"But we will have a juicer in the new age," I says.
"Yes," says Giblets, and we smile with satisfaction.
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