Friday, May 14, 2004

There is not much blogging in this strange strange country. Where are the mass walls of computers? Where is the free-flowing internet? Where is Chris-who-eats-chicken?

"He has abandoned us," says Giblets.
"Like Yahweh in Egypt land," says me.
"Egypt Land is great," says Giblets. "Have you tried the Pyramid Ride? It ducks and swoops twice into Pharoah Lagoon!"
"I was not tall enough to ride the Pyramid Ride," says me. "You had to reach the mummy's arm."
"Stupid mummy," says Giblets.
"The Frankfort Indiana Hot Dog Festival is not for another two months," says me. "What will we do for another two months?"
"Giblets needs no hot dogs," says Giblets. "Giblets needs ribs."
"If we planted ribs in the ground would they grow into a woman, like in the Bible?" I says.
"That would be an empirical test of the existence of God," says Giblets.
"But then we would not need faith," says me. "And where would God be?"
"In space, orbiting the Moon, where he always is," says Giblets.
"That's very true," says me.

There is nothing on television right now. Nothing at all.
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