Saturday, April 24, 2004

Yknow this may surprise a whole host of people but I Fafnir am not the most organized person in the world. Sometimes I am prone to forgettin things, and then people are all "You were supposed to pick up milk at the grocery store Fafnir" and "You weren't supposed to wash the floor with jello Fafnir." It is an easy thing to do if you are a little bit absent minded.

So maybe thats what happened with Ariel Sharon yesterday when he said he was pretty sure it was OK for him to kill Yasser Arafat. Cause just a couple hours later the US was saying "no wait Ariel Sharon, killing Yasser Arafat is really not OK."

This is not the first time Ariel Sharon has kind of forgotten he's not supposed to kill Yasser Arafat and it seems like we should probably try to do something about it before we all get into a tricky misunderstanding like "Oh you mean you didnt want us to kill your president?" and "Gee we're pretty sorry about kiling your president" and also "What you mean you didn't want us to kill your new president? Oh no!"

Now I usually get myself more organized with a To Do List. It reminds me what I have to do and not do and keeps me organized. I think Ariel Sharon would be able to keep things much straighter if he just kept a goals calendar to keep himself on track. Ariel Sharon, here is an idea to get you started:

  • brush teeth

  • buy eggs

  • aerobicize!

  • do not kill Yasser Arafat.

  • Tuesday
  • go jogging!

  • dismantle settlements

  • for lunch: a light salad.

  • do not kill Yasser Arafat.

  • There you go, you will be ready for a neatly paced life and regular international relations in no time! If youd like I can send you some more organizing tips like how to keep on top of those stressful bills, and where to put your pens so that you don't lose them. Good luck!
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