Friday, April 23, 2004

The Medium Lobster saw it coming. The tempest-in-a-teapot that is the US military's policy of concealing photos of coffins has arrived, and the usual coalition of objectively-pro-terror naysayers is carping about "the value of truth" and "recognizing soldiers' sacrifice." And as usual, these sadly unilluminated leftists have it exactly backwards. If truth and transparency are to survive, we must conceal them as much as possible.

A free and unfettered press and a transparent government are elements of the American way of life, which as all truly enlightened beings understand is under attack by Terror itself. In order to preserve truth and freedom, America must win the War on Terror, and to win it America must Stay the Course. And if it is to Stay the Course, its national resolve and morale must not falter. And if its national resolve and morale is not to falter, it must never know that the War is going badly. Hence: America will only win if it ignores the fact that it is losing.

The Medium Lobster notes that not nearly enough is being done towards this effort. Refusing to release pictures of coffins is only a start; the United States is still acknowledging that Americans are dying at all. In fact, in addition to covering up photos of coffins, bodies, and burning Humvees, the American military should continue to report those fallen in the war as alive and serving admirably. While they're at it, they should up the enemy body count. Hence, the headline "6 Marines, 12 Iraqis killed" becomes "52 Islamofascist Terrorists Killed, 2 Marines Lightly Bruised."

Remember that the thing that will win this war is not "acknowledging mistakes" or "changing a doomed strategy." It's strong resolve, which will be magically channeled by Coalition mystics to create a strong, stable, and democratic Iraq, which in turn will save Freedom in the United States from falling to the forces of Islamist Rage. For those who value freedom and democracy, the restriction and manipulation of information as part of a wartime propaganda campaign is a small price to pay.
posted by the Medium Lobster at 7:22 PM



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