Wednesday, April 21, 2004

By way of Boing Boing, the Medium Lobster sees that all the usual suspects are getting up in arms about the Treasury Department's dissemination of RNC campaign material on its website. In their shortsighted partisan anger, however, these bitter and petty-minded scolds risk weakening America in its fight against terror.

Over the course of the 9/11 hearings, John Ashcroft has alterted America to the threat posed by "the wall" established by nefarious bureaucratic Clintonites between intelligence and law enforcement... the very wall whose existence allowed the 9/11 terrorists to commit their mass atrocity. If there is any lesson mankind may learn from this, it is that the petty squabblings of government functionaries, obsessed with their procedures and their red tape, must be done away with if civilization is to be preserved from those who would destroy it.

So the Medium Lobster is heartened to see this beginning at the Treasury Department, with the with the tearing-down of the wall that separates the executive branch from partisan propaganda machines. No longer will the American voter have to actually go to Republican websites or functions to see campaign rhetoric - it will come to them, in their tax returns, on their drivers' licenses, in EPA reports. This is exactly the kind of streamlining and efficiency we need if our agencies are going to remain nimble enough to break up an al Qaeda sleeper cell or radically misrepresent John Kerry's voting record. The possibilities are limitless!

Of course some hidebound bureaucrats are bound to start crying foul, trying to protect their precious "procedures" and "departments" and their "objections to gross abuse of power." But if America doesn't sweep these kinds of objections aside, it stands to make the same mistakes it made on that fateful day.
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