Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Giblets was happy to hear last week that when Iraq becomes a free and sovereign nation on June 30 it will not in fact become a free and sovereign nation. This is good because as we learned before it was being sovereign that got Iraq into all their trouble. If they had an "older wiser" country like the US to tell them what to do would they have gone invading and threatening countries and building weapons of mass destruction? Maybe, but then it would have been invading and threatening the right countries and building good weapons of mass destruction. Bow before Giblets's world hegemon, Iraq! Booooooow!

But Giblets is afraid we may not be going far enough here. The current plan is to create an Iraqi government without legislative or meaningful executive power. But it is still an Iraqi government with the all the illusion of sovereignty: Iraqi puppets, Iraqi figureheads. At this rate they might get puffed-up enough to start pretend-oppressing their people or declaring fake war on their neighbors. Sometimes a little freedom is too much freedom. Better to install a democracy-minded Americo-Gibletsian strongman to keep things from getting out of line.

Giblets will volunteer for the burdensome task and weighty responsibility. I am eminently qualified to rule a foreign land harshly and without mercy. But at the same time I am very "democracy-minded." Giblets thinks about democracy all the time. "Hmmm, democracy" I am thinking right now. I will be moving my stuff into Bremer's place on July 1st.
posted by Giblets at 11:58 AM



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