Monday, April 19, 2004

So Giblets and I have to apologize. "Giblets apologizes for nothing," says Giblets. Well Fafblog has to apologize. For a lack of Fafblog over the past few days. Because you were left without Fafblog many of you did not know what to think of the changing world around you! "Oh no there is stuff going on - but I do not know what to think because I do not know what the bloggers of Fafblog think!" you thought. And this was sad. Very very sad.

But Giblets and I have a very good excuse. "Giblets excuses nothing," says Giblets. We spent the weekend in a parking lot doing important parking lot activities such as looking for ways out of the parking lot and hitting each other for gettin stuck in the parking lot and askin people "hey do you know where the way out of this parkin lot?"

How we got stuck in the parkin lot is not important to our story especially seeing as I cannot remember it. What is important is the Learning And Growth Experiences we had. I learned about finding myself and the spirit of America. Giblets learned that if you eat a bag of circus peanuts in under five minutes you may require emergency medical attention.

There were other things we learned too like how not to get out of a parking lot. For instance our first plan was to call a taxi and have them take us out of the parking lot but we first ran into an Orange Julius and I wanted an Orange Julius and then Giblets was all "No we should get a Raspberry Julius, it is by far the superior Julius" and we ended up buying two of every kind of Julius on the Orange Julius menu and when the taxi arrived we were sick and poor and the taxi took us nowhere. The lesson here is: always travel with enough money for both a taxi and double the menu of an Orange Julius.

We also learned that when you have a cell phone you should use it wisely. Our next plan after the taxi was to call Chris and get a ride. This failed because (a) we had Chris's cell phone and Chris has no other type of phone and (b) we couldnt call anyone else because Giblets used up the cell phone calling his new ex-girlfriend Noodles. Giblets is still doing this now in fact. Giblets is highly persistent, you can say that for Giblets.

"Come back to Giblets baby," says Giblets. "Come back to Giblets NOOOOOOW!"
"That is the wrong approach Giblets," says me while Giblets redials.
"What do you know you know nothing!" says Giblets. "Love Giblets! Giblets commands you to love Giblets!"
"You are being perhaps too aggressive," says me. "Chicks do not like that."
"Hmmmph! She is insolent!" says Giblets. "Also, she fears commitment."

Well we could go on and on. "And we usually do," says Giblets. But we wont because we love you. Fafblog hearts the world.
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