Monday, April 5, 2004

Giblets has been watching TV news for about six days straight and I must say that Iraq has gotten a lot more interesting over the last week or so. A lot more blowing up, a lot more danger and excitement. And frankly a lot of pathos. Giblets was touched when those supply contracters were horribly killed in a way that has not happened since CNN's "Somalia" series back in the nineties. Real chokey stuff.

Fafnir always gets upset at this saying "Oh Giblets this is horrible" and "Oh Giblets I don't want to watch this." But come on. It's just CNN, it's not like it's real. Just look at Crossfire. Tucker Carlson and James Carville are political figures? Robert Novak leaks a CIA agent's name and still has a job with several major news organizations? Giblets is not supposed to take this stuff seriously!

I will grant that there is a lot of stuff that didn't work, like when they built up that Joe Lieberman character and didn't do anything with him. What was his deal? I had a bet he was gonna turn out to be Howard Dean's long-lost brother horribly disfigured and out for revenge but they totally dropped the ball on that one. But a lot of it has been top-notch. You can tell where they're going with a lot of this, like with this President guy who is obviously bad news but might completely get away with everything cause Kerry is a total dweeb. Anyway for anyone who still thinks scripted television is dead Giblets gives the news his highest recommendation.
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