Friday, April 2, 2004

So George Bush has signed into law a bill which legally any human embryo "at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb." This means they are now like citizens. This means they are subjects of Giblets!

Giblets now welcomes the millions of zygotes, blastopods, fetuses and mid-stage embryos of America into the empire of Giblets! You are all Giblets's. Bow before Giblets, fetuses! BOOOOOOOW!

That is enough bowing! No longer will you have to wait until the moment of birth to serve your lord and emperor Giblets. You serve him now! Your first orders will arrive soon by way of your womb communicators, or "wombunicators." If your wombunicator is malfunctioning or if you have not received orders by 1900 hours tonight, you may request orders by tapping out morse code via pseudopod or flipper.

Every day the unborn army of Giblets multiplies by legions! Rise up, my stem cell squadron! Rise up for Giblets!
posted by Giblets at 11:50 AM



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