Tuesday, April 20, 2004

This week Slate is covering The Great American Pie Festival. "Wow Fafnir you must have been at this festival" you immediately assume "because of course you are the worlds first and foremost authority online or offline regarding pies." That's true I am and thank you very much! But I was not at the festival last weekend because (1) I was stuck in a parking lot and (2) I was not informed of the festival until it was too late.

Take a look at this pie. Is this the Great American Pie? Do ghostly buffalo still run in packs across its vast plains? Does everyone who sees it aspire to be part of it coming from every country around the world to taste its crust of opportunity, its fruit filling of entrepreneurial spirit? Is this pie the shining pie on the hill?

No. This is the pie of regret. This is the "you were not there Fafnir" pie. This is the "we're all eating this pie over at Slate and you're not Fafnir" pie. This is a hard pie. Is it not a tasty pie but you must eat it nonetheless. Wash it down with milk. Smother it with ice cream and cherries. The flavor of regret will still come through. There will be other pies. But you will never forget this one.

Stupid pie.


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