Friday, April 30, 2004

This is a savage pie. This is a brutal pie. This is a meat pie.

It is not like other pies. In its pre-pie life it did not grow on bushes as harmless berries or round red apples. It stalked the earth as a wild beast eating plants and other beasts and now it is a pie ready and waiting to be eaten itself. It is a vicious pie from a vicious world. A world of eat or be eaten and pie or be pied.

Should we eat this pie? It will be tasty, just as tasty or tastier as the other pies we have come to know. But biting into this pie is not just biting into any pie. It is biting into the Dark Animal Heart of Man. But sometimes we need the Dark Animal Heart of Man, like Captain Kirk needed his evil Captain Kirk in that episode where he got split into two halves and one of them was good and one of them was a meat pie. There is a place for the savage meat pie as much as there is a place for any pie. It is all part of the great pie cycle of life.

But that still doesn't mean we should not beware of this pie. This is a pie that takes no prisoners. This is a savage pie.


posted by fafnir at 8:46 PM



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