Monday, April 5, 2004

The first rule of Fafblog is, do not get involved in silly interblog fights. The second rule of Fafblog is, do not get involved in silly interblog fights. The third rule of Fafblog is, we all get together in an underground parking garage and beat each other up in bare knuckle fist fights in a secret plot to overthrow the government its great!

A lot has been written by a lot of angry type people about Daily Kos saying horrible things on the internet, which is a shame because until now it has been a delicate and genteel place made of lily blossoms and butterfly wings. And people such as The World have been sayin to me "Fafnir why dont you fix it because you are so good at fixing everything" and so I figured "Okay world why not." So Fafnir is here to let The Healing Begin. Again.

But before the healing begins there must be discipline. To this end I have put the blogs Tacitus and Instapundit in the clownhouse for the next week, or until they learn to play nice whichever comes first. Tacitus and Instapundit you may notice a vast and overwhelming increase in clown related hits on your next egogoogle due to the immense internet influence of Fafblog. I am sorry but it had to be done. Similarly the link to Daily Kos has been replaced with one to the John Kerry for President Donation Page. I hope you learn your lesson from this Daily Kos.
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