Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Giblets has noticed people getting all up in arms about the possibility of John Negroponte becoming US ambassador to Iraq just because he "lied to the public" and "covered up Central American death squads." Well, Giblets hears a lot of whining and criticism coming from the anti-death squads crowd, but where are their solutions? All I hear from them is "death squads are bad, death squads will not help our economy recover, death squads are not the solution to terror." Well what is? All Giblets hears is a lot of backwards-looking negativity from reactionary anti-death squads people, and not a lot of positive alternatives.

In the meantime who is to say that death squads aren't the "shot in the arm" that the Iraqi recovery needs right now? Giblets only hears one side offering a solution, people.
posted by Giblets at 2:46 PM



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