Sunday, April 11, 2004

Today we briefly examine the birthday pie.

This is the pie of benevolent universal celebratory continuation. It says "Wow Fafnir, you are still here, you are older, and you are you! Congratulations!" The Birthday Pie does not discriminate. Everyone gets a Birthday Pie! Gandhi got a birthday pie. Stalin got a birthday pie. Hobos and kings and saints all get birthday pies. The pie embraces all things and all people without judgment. It does not care that stole the candles to put on its frosting or that you are ugly or dumb, or that you are rich and important and kindly. It is there because you are, and it is extending you its bountiful pielike grace for a day to commemorate you, whoever or whatever you are, and it will see you again in a year if you make it. Take care of yourself.


posted by fafnir at 5:21 PM



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