Wednesday, March 31, 2004

It appears that the forces of Jihadist appeasement have triumphed for the day, and Condoleezza Rice will testify in public and under oath before the pointless 9/11 commission. Now the president will be too crippled by anxiety to seek advice from those closest to him, fearing they may be pulled before these latter-day Congessional inquisitors, and will simply have to make every decision based entirely on his own research, theories, and intuition. That the president will now be able to realize his full potential as a policy-making juggernaut is surely no loss to the nation - but the fact that it will most assuredly reduce confidants like Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and Rice to meaningless side players is a tragedy.

But the silver lining on this dark cloud is that George Bush and Dick Cheney, who will also be appearing together before the commission, will not be appearing under oath. This has lead the skeptical to suspect that Bush and Cheney now intend to lie and mislead the commission. This notion is as absurd as it is treasonous. Even if the divinely-ordained leader of the United States were capable of lying, Bush is testifying together with Dick Cheney, who will be able to confirm or deny anything Bush says as he says it. Cheney, in a sense, will act as Bush's moral compass, rooting his testimony in honesty. It would be superfluous for the two of them to be asked to take the oath.

Overall, the Medium Lobster judges today's battle to have been a draw between the forces of Good and Terror. In due time, however, this latest dangerous project of scrutiny and transparency will pass away, and our fighting president will be allowed to return to the business of fighting for freedom and secrecy.
posted by the Medium Lobster at 3:59 PM



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