Friday, March 26, 2004

It's been about a week since Fafblog became FAFBLOG PLUS!!!!, the new and super-improved version of Fafblog that you love so much more. Congratulations to all of us and lots of thanks to our tech friend Chris who did this and also gave us our nifty new email addresses fresh from his defunct website! Chris made a lot of interesting suggestions like "Are you sure you want these colors?" and "I think you might wanna use better colors" and "These are really awful colors" that we nodded along to and completely ignored. We actually wanted to use a flashing neon green GIF for the background but it turns out Chris is epileptic and he starts twitchin all funny when he looks at that.

Here are some of the comments we have gotten so far on FAFBLOG PLUS!!!!:

  • The new colors have a calm, relaxing feel to them - like pouring battery acid down my optic nerve.

  • I looked at it three hours ago and I'm still seeing the colors.

  • What would be great is an RSS feed so I don't have to look at the colors.

  • wow great site fafnir and i love the new colors! love fafnir.

  • Well two things are for sure: you love the new colors, and you want an RSS feed! Chris says that's a thing that makes it so people can read it without pictures. Well what is the point of that! The internet without pictures is like performing open heart surgery without ice cream - its useful and not as sticky and maybe you'll live longer but who wants to live without ice cream?

    Well I am gonna put chris on it and he says he'll "get to it" which means it'll probably happen never. Lazy Chris, do more of Faf's stuff! In the meantime I am gonna work on making these colors brighter for all the worlds enjoyment. See Chris is twitchin with excitement already.
    posted by fafnir at 12:27 PM



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