Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Giblets is disturbed. The AP is reporting that George Bush lets major donors sleep in the White House and yes even the fabled Lincoln Bedroom. Some are saying this is an outrage because it shows how much power and influence campaign donors have. Some are saying this is an outrage because Bush criticized Clinton for doing the same thing when he ran for president. Giblets does not think this is an outrage. Giblets thinks this is really, really nasty.

Who would pay to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom? Abraham Lincoln was old! He smells like old people! The whole bedroom has old-man Lincoln-funk all over it! Add that in with all the other old people who have been crashing there over the years and even a small militia armed with fifty gallons of Lysol and Mr. Clean could not rid it of that awful "rich rest home" stink. And there are people who would not only go there willingly, and sleep there, but pay for the "privelege"? That makes Giblets's skin crawly.

Let me just say that Giblets has no problem with trannies, furries, spankers, chokers, maskers, midget-squatters, half-doggers, roadloggers, numbpluggers, robot-twisters, southpaw chicken dicers, or the El Segundo Grande. But old president smell - that's just plain weird.
posted by Giblets at 6:25 PM



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