Friday, March 19, 2004

I have been noticin some anger in the world of late. Some of it has been comin from partisan wounds. I am wagging my finger in your direction Democrats and Republicans! Some of it has been comin from culture wars, which are like cola wars but with fewer funny product tie ins. Some of it has been comin from Fafblog. "Grrrr, angry!" says Giblets. "Hoho, angry," says the Medium Lobster. Anger is okay because Fafblog is all things to all people, like a delicious exploding cake. It is so tasty and so deadly how can you resist!

But we must also heal the anger. And so Fafnir today is here to heal all partisan wounds within our country. Are you ready to begin to heal those wounds America? Ok then let's go!

You feel your wounds healin yet? Probably yes I can see that Pat Buchanan is volunteering to do pro bono immigration case work now, good for you Pat! but we have more work to do still!

Hooray, can you feel the love America? Yes you can! And there is Jerry Falwell and Larry Flynt dancin arm in arm, they are best of friends now! They are such good buddies because of the love that Rev. Falwell has agreed to star in Asian Ass-Pounders 6 and Mr. Flynt has agreed to donate half of all Hustler sales to the banning of activist judges.

All is full of Faf and Faf is full of love! John Kerry and George W. Bush are runnin for president on each others' tickets and they are arguing viciously because each wants the other to be president! Wow I have to say this worked out better than I hoped, I'm so glad you all came over here to do this and Osama, you just get back to your ice cream and petting zoo over there. "I love children soooo much," Osama says all weepy-like and snuggling a fluffy white bunny. Well I'm going to go have a big mug of piping hot cocoa with my new best friends - everybody!
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