Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Yesterday I was appreciatin my glofish. My beautiful glowing Glofish(TM), the worlds first and only genetically modified fish that realy glo(TM), when I noticed the fish tank was brighter and greener than usual. "Wow what glofish," I thought. "They are glowing so bright and so green and so glowy that their fishy light has filled the tank."

"That isn't glofish Fafnir," says Mr Book who tells me things, "That is algae."
"Wow, glo-algae," I says. "And it came for free!"
"No Fafnir," says Mr Book. "Algae does not glow."
"Well it sure is pretty," I says.
"Algae can be bad for fish," says Mr Book.
"Oh no!" I says.
"You should get some scum sucker fish," says Mr Book. "They will eat the algae."
"That's a good idea Mr Book," I says. "You are just full of good ideas!"
"Also you should always recycle plastic bags and cut up plastic rings that come with soda. And put plastic on windows to save on heating. And buy organic because it tastes better and has less pesticides in it. And learn to make shadow puppets it is easy and fun!"

Well I had so much fun learning new things with Mr Book I forgot all about my glofish until they almost got strangled by the algae. By now we have a host of scum suckers in there. They are ugly and hard working and they eat a lot, like Teamsters!

I am using this time to reflect upon the scum suckers of society, the great big ugly fish-people who suck up the algae of life. Use this time to reflect upon them and what they have done for us.
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