Tuesday, February 17, 2004

It has been dull with Fafnir gone and traveling around the world. Normally we can get into arguments and play games like Pass the Pistachios and Cheese or Weevil? but with him gone it's just me here and it is boooooooring and dull. Lousy Fafnir - come back soon!

Giblets decided to amuse himself by addressing his subjects today, and did so by first girding himself in the most royal of velvety greens, and stepped out onto the balcony, or "fire escape," to address the filthy throngs below. "Bow to Giblets!" I cried in my loud, booming, charismatic, projecting voice. "Bow to Giblets, filthy throngs!"

Giblets was met with nothing but insolence.

Giblets was further irritated to learn that there is another presidential primary today. Geez, how many of these are there? With a dictatorship it's all pretty simple, I am the dictator and you run from my men with large guns. Unless I run my dictatorship as a "progressive-minded liberal," in which case you vote for one of my corporate proxies once every four years.
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