Monday, February 2, 2004

Wow! I am not usually a football fan but I can tell you that those sports and news people were right, that sure was an excitin Super Bowl! Giblets said he thought explosives were not allowed in league play but I guess he was wrong. Anyway we were all blown over when Panthers coach John Fox grabbed an extra ten yards for his team by threatening to detonate the bomb implanted in Tom Brady's ribcage. The suspense!

Personally I felt the high point of the game came when Carolina atomically mutated their defensive line into a mitotically-dividing amoebaman army to turn back New England's space ship - at least until the last five minutes! At the end when the Patriots took the game with the bold move of sacrificing their tight end to the volcano god to spew hot magma on the Panthers well I can tell you everybody in my house was jumping out of their seat. Now that is what I call football.

Next year will never live up to this one but then again few can. Maybe it will be like a coupla years ago when Bono died on the cross and ascended bodily into Heaven, but yknow I am never too impressed by halftime shows.
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