Friday, February 27, 2004

So Giblets woke up today from a 24-hour-long pizza-pretzel, monkey beer, and fishing show marathon to find out that Haiti has gone nuts. "Haiti!" Giblets said. "Giblets said nothing about Haiti going nuts! Back with you, Haiti!" And then it suited Giblets in his supreme Gibletsian nature to run to the bathroom and throw up for a few hours. A decree issues forth from Giblets, my subjects: monkey beer and pizza-pretzels do not mix.

Apparently this Haitian thing has happened before, a few times. What is wrong with you, Haiti! Are you not in the imperium of Giblets? Are you not the 53rd state or something? Get a grip or we will have to toast you good.

Giblets has a headache but he will return.
posted by Giblets at 2:19 PM



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