Saturday, February 28, 2004

Giblets has heard enough of this "The Passion of the Christ" mumbo jumbo. Giblets is departing hereforthwith to see this film himself and comment upon it. You WILL be apprised of Giblets's opinion of the film, which will be officially known as The Official Universal Opinion Regarding Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ."

I have big hopes for this movie because of the following:

  • It is supposed to be exceedingly violent. Giblets does not watch "chick flicks." Giblets watches real men's movies such as Die Hard and The Terminator and The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie. Giblets can only hope that The Passion will live up to expectations. Yes it may be gory, but is it scene-from-Robocop-where-the-dissolving-man-is-hit-by-a-car gory, or is it just scene-from-Total-Recall-where-Arnold-uses-corpse-as-human-shield gory? Giblets has spent many years becoming increasingly desensitized to media violence, I can only hope The Passion will shock my little brain to new levels of emotional withdrawal.

  • It is spiritual, and arty.
  • There is nothing like dead languages and religion to take the edge off two hours of gore. See, Giblets is't seeing it because it is a rabidly violent piece of fetishistic splatterhouse violence. Giblets is seeing it because it was a true and artistic expression of faith.

  • It is about "passion," and Giblets knows passion. Giblets is very passionate indeed. Come on, ladies. Give Giblets a try. He will not disappoint.
  • posted by Giblets at 11:36 AM



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